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12413 Copperfield Drive
Austin Texas 78735


About Us

Augie  Mike In 2014 After 25 Yrs-127-800-600-100Mike Parreno, the owner and operator of 78 Paint, was first introduced to painting at the age of 10, hence the name 78 Paint, Textures, Plasters and more, Mike was asked pretty much as a joke, he took seriously to assist in a project during a summer break. Mike was highly commended, praised and paid for 1 week as a painter's assistant, which by weeks end led him to impress a painter with many years experience to make this statement (please stay out the paint business kid) if you become a painter I am going to be out of business!

Though It wasn't until 3 years later that by circumstance and fate that Mike Parreno was introduced to an old world master from Italy, Augusto Oliviaro, the person which Mike would hone his knowledge and skills in the paint business as well as many other trades , such as historical restorations; inclusive to paint removal, color matching of colors matching the time period, window glazing, window pane re-placement, window re- roping, wood re milling of substrate meeting the time period, plaster work, wall paper removal and application.

Mike remembered just the same, the feel of honor and pride when he was commended by the painter whom hired him in that summer of 1978, and fell into passion with the technique, strength and devotion it took to be a real painter of that time.

In the trade of painting as in many other trades, you start as an apprentice and work your way up to journeyman, by the age of 15 Mike was considered by many he worked for, as a journeyman with a passion.

In the year 1997 after relocating several times across the United States, Mike set out on his first endeavor in Baltimore, Maryland, always reciting his mentors words "A good painter an honest painter will never have to worry about a day of work, the work will come to you!" And this statement than as is now turned fruit, many times since.

Mike began his 2nd company adequately named Elite Painting Services, in Arizona in 2000 until the economy took its toll there. It was at this time Mike and his family relocated to west Palm Beach Florida for a short time before relocating to Austin, TX in 2008.

Since then Mike has been providing his professional services with family values in Central Texas.

Master Craftsman - Mike Parreno holds in high regard the trade of painting and would truly enjoy assisting you in your future projects.